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Nanneke is facilitating a breathwork session

Breathwork Boorowa 

September 5th & 8th

“Wow, all this just by breathing!" - Jim

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Why breathwork?

Head & heart

Breathwork is a powerful tool that involves consciously using your breath to bypass the mind to enter an embodied state of awareness. It is the quickest way to get out of your head and reconnect with your body and heart.

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Active meditation

Breathwork is an active form of meditation that helps you deal with stress . It also helps you make decisions more easily from your intuition rather than your head.

The breath does the work.

Connect with your intuition

Connect with your intuition Breathwork is safe and extremely effective to experience breakthroughs and well-being. Every breathing session is different and gives you what you need at that moment. It is liberating, healing, allows energy to flow again and brings you in touch with your intuition.

Intutie versterk je met de chakra breahtwork serie

Frequently Asked Questions about breathwork (and the answers):

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When are the sessions?

There are two sessions. The first one is on Monday September 5th from 2 - 4 PM. The other session is on Thursday September 8th from 9 - 11 AM. You can register for one session or for both sessions. If you would like to join two sessions you have to register twice. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Where are the sessions being held?

The sessions will take place at Hanaminno, 810 Brial Road, Boorowa, NSW 2586. The sessions will be in a paddock at the farm or in a shearing shed, depending on the weather.  

What if I have no experience with breathwork?

That does not matter. You will receive an explanation about the breathing technique and how to prepare for the session. During the sessions, you will also receive directions to help you.

What kind of music is used during the sessions?

Tijdens de sessies wordt moderne (pop)muziek gebruikt, denk bijvoorbeeld aan Sia, Ilse de Lange, Keane, Bon Jovi en Jason Mraz. Een groot deel van de songs is in het Engels, een aantal is in het Nederlands.Modern (pop) music is used during the sessions, such as Sia, Ilse de Lange, Keane, Bon Jovi and Jason Mraz. A large part of the songs are in English, some are in Dutch.

What should I wear during breathwork?

Wear clothes that are comfortable and that you feel comfortable in. Wearing layers can be helpful, as you can get hot or cold during a session. So you might want to bring a jumper/sweater.

I'm pregnant: can I do breathwork?

It is not recommended, but I have had participants doing breathwork while being pregnant. Listen to your body. Breathwork can bring up emotions in you, and thus have an effect on the baby. You can do breathwork while breastfeeding.

My question is not listed, what now?

Is your question not listed? Feel free to send me an email ([email protected]) or a Direct Message on Instagram (@nannekevandrunen). I am happy to answer your question(s)!

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